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e-twinning project 2008-2009

This Project is in the shortlist of the European e-twinnings Prizes 2010

November 2009 the Latvian partner gets the National etwinning Award

December 2010 the Greek partner gets the National etwinning Award

title: IT’S UP 2U :

decription : Creative Clay Animations concerning the eco-issues we face today and the use of Web 2.0
Partners: Portugal, Greece, Austria, France,Latvia
Language: English, Portuguese, Greek, Austrian, French, Latvian
Age: 4 to 6 years old

Aims: Teachers encourage pupils to show up local and global eco-issues and using the ICT and Web 2.0 to make their suggestions by acting as well to produce a clay video animation about

Content: A character, a Penguin by clay, visits schools by the real post and pupils discuss with him about eco -issues.. These discussions concern our planet, our country, our region, our town. Class discussions show up a local or global issue and the pupils choose what they like to work on.. They make their characters by clay and they develop a short animated story about 30'' supporting by their teachers.

  • Greece-Austria-France-Portugal-Latvia free to choose the right time for them to make their own animation ..
  • the appropriate common software for the animation will be given to all the partners on time..
  • Each school will upload it's part on UTube adding the appropriate music .. as well on our Wikispace
  • All the stories will concern eco –issues

Suggested Work Process for making the Animation

  • Teachers and pupils be aware on the previous partners work..
  • An Eco-video on the Blog and the Penguin 'brings' new ideas in the class and teachers encourage pupils to say their own concerns about environmental issues..
  • We ask pupils to suggest ideas ..
  • As we choose the main concept of our story we separate it into sub-parts..
  • We make the Storyboard
  • Characters must be 'moved' very slowly..
  • The final movement must remind the real life (pupils have to think how the characters or anything else in our scene are moved in real life)
  • The camera must be still at the same point until we finish the whole shooting
  • It's recommended a tripod where our camera will be on ..

We create a Blog : eco4kids
There, all partners may pick up each month one from the suggested GREEN IDEAS* on our Blog, which fits better to their school curricula. Additional partners may post any school activity they develop and it concerns eco issues


1. PRECYCLING .. “Pre” means “before” and “precycling” means we can “preventing recycling” by taking a little action before… make reusable bags for the supermarket using. Cloth or paper is ok…
2. SAVE ENERGY… turn off the lights when you aren’t in the room / Walk, ride a bike or take the bus instead of traveling by car to come at school./Shut off the water when you brush your teeth;
3. OBSERVE THE PHENOMENA .. make a Winter calendar, note the days with rain, the days with snow.. exchange this data with your partners and discuss about them at your school;
4. PLANT A TREE… choose a place at your school yard .. plant and care of a tree through all the year;
5. RECYCLE BOOKS .. your partners would be happy if you could send them some of your books you don’t need anymore;
6. CHOOSE AN INDOOR PLANT.. take a good care of it and show the others all its growing up phases;
7. REDUCE THE USE OF PAPER AT SCHOOL.. let us know how? Make your own paper mache, creating a craft by this and send it to your partners by the real post;
8. SING A SONG about environment and using it to make a VOKI;
9. MAKE AN ECO-BROCHURE.. or what else creatively you may think for your school for your town.. disseminate what you achieved this year;

How to make a video animation with Stop Motion pro

–let’s name a file sea, and suppose you want your storyboard to have 6 parts -
(sea1, sea2, sea3, sea4, sea5, sea6)
(this will be your guide to make your shots )
2./ Store all your camera shots (.jpg) into separated folders
(sea1=150F, sea2=125F, sea3=125F, sea4=100F, sea5=175F, sea6=100)
(remember: 25F for each second) (F= frames=photos)
(pupils take photos –teacher moves slowly the characters)
3./ Open STOP Motion Pro
File/ new project >>give a name >>Capture settings/Still image capture(400X450) >>ok
File/Import Individual files >>select all the files of sea1 >>ok >Import Resize/Resize all the files
File/Make Movie >>ok >> Save us in a new folder where all your .avi will be
(follow the same procedure for all your above Folders)
(so you have s1.avi s2.avi s3.avi s4.avi s5.avi s6.avi)
4./ Final video
File/ Import AVI file >>s1.avi
File/ Import AVI file >>s2.avi
File/ Import AVI file >>s3.avi
File/ Import AVI file >>s4.avi
File/ Import AVI file >>s5.avi
File/ Import AVI file >>s6.avi
File / Make Movie (check : Use audio format) >>Browse>>select your music in wav format>>ok>> Save us : that’s all !