Part of the e-twinning project: IT'S UP 2U

What we have planned .. What we have done ..

1. PRECYCLING .. “Pre” means “before” and “precycling” means we can “preventing recycling” by taking a little action before… e.g make reusable bags for the supermarket using, cloth or paper etc…
-We thought we should change our 'relationship with the plastic bags'.. So we bought such as from cloth and pupils chose to decorate, to disseminate also our project and to use them in their daily life like: They are going to say NO THANK U... at the bakery's.. at the mini market.. at the kiosk of our village.. and everywhere else like to be and behave like this.. because: IT'S UP 2 them..
-Continuing our Environmental Project we asked for a compost bin to our garden. We began collecting dried leaves at our playground and, after putting some twigs we put alternately, fruits, vegetables and dry yard clippings. In some weeks we will have “compost“ that’s a very good material for our plants in our kitchen garden as a natural fertilizer. At the same time we are contributing to reduce the greenhouse effect reducing solid waste.

Wake the childrens ecological awareness - we learn in our kindergarten how to separate waste in a right way.
-SHOPPING BAGS: Our kids decorated shopping bags with markers. They enjoyed that! WASTE SEPARATION: Every month our kids collect paper with their parents, then they bring it to kindergarten and after that all waste-paper is collected by the local waste manager company. We do the same with plastic waste. GIVE A HAND: We have tradition - organize joint work, then kids with they parents, grandparents, relatives come to kindergarten and help to keep our park clean. The place is becoming nicer every year.
-We have came at the Natural Museum and we have learned how to make our bins lose weight! We have played with a giant goose game and made a big puzzle and here is what we have learned: We have to REUSE: we can give or exchange our games; we can draw on the two faces of white paper; we can salvage boxes and cardboard for manual works. We have to REPAIR: we can try to repair our games when they are broken; we can choose simple and solid games instead of fashionable ones; we can bring our out of order devices to “resources ” where peoples “give them a new life” (and on top of that, it’s good to create jobs!). We can RECYCLE: we can compost the biodegradable cook and garden trashes and of course sort out packages! We can REDUCE: we can avoid to buy individual packaging cakes and drinks; we can stick a STOP PUB on our post box; we can drink the tap water instead of buying plastic bottles.


2. SAVE ENERGY… turn off the lights when you aren’t in the room / Walk, ride a bike or take the bus instead of travelling by car to come at school./Shut off the water when you brush you teeth..

-At 28 of March our school and most of parents are going to join Earth Hour global event.. among other staff we make at our school we created this worksheet for our pupils and we like to share it with all of you..
5 June, global environment day: we acted: we adopting a turtle, we using plastic bottles to save water at the WC, and collecting a bird’s nest..


3. OBSERVE THE PHENOMENA.. make a Winter calendar, note the days with rain, the days with snow.. Exchange this data with your partners and discuss about them at your school;
-Greek pupils made observations, questions, comparisons about the weather phenomena for one week .. and then they made symbols, drawings, maps to present their whole work to you in this video..
-The New Year came with a breeze of coldness and snow. The children managed to enjoy the winter activities - sledge riding, have snow fights and build snowmen. In children’s drawings you can see winter feelings.
-We talked about the weather and made symbols. Every day one child is responsible for putting the right symbol on our weather calendar. After one month we will have a look how the weather was. We made weathercock from used plastic containers, inside we used 1-3 stones, one wattle, straw, used plastic sheet. You can see our February Weather Calendar.
-Every day we made marks - temperature and weather - cloudy or sunny, windy or storm, snow or volley... Our pupils done a great job - they made a Wind Rose. They took a weather calendar and counted days which were with North, West, South, East, North-west, North-east, South-west and South-east wind. After that they marked co-ordinates with counted days, then linked marks, then coloured inside boundary line.


4. PLANT A TREE… choose a place at your school yard .. Plant and care of a tree through all the year;
ENO Programme invites you to an exciting event. We will plant trees at midday, in every corner of the world. The first trees will be planted at noon in Oceania. Following the Sun, new trees will be put to earth in Asia, Europe and Africa. Finally this chain of trees will reach Americas. Globe has turned on its axis. Trees will be planted on May 22nd. This day is also known as World Biodiversity Day by United Nations.
-lt Friday on 22th of May we planted 4 trees. Three will grow in our yard - maple, lime, horse-chestnut and one tree - near our park. That day we had a rain and we thought it was good for our new trees. Children enjoy planting...
-Kids and I have chosen 1 almond tree to join this event today.. because kids say " it smells wonderful" ... " Almonds are delicious " and our school will look more beautiful in the Spring with this tree" ... So...it was a nice experience our planting as we kept an eye at our BLOG to see our common action! pupils were enthusiastic about seeing schools planting the same time!!
-We planted our tree in a big pot, because when we go in the new school, which is under construction, we will be able to move it more easily. It is a Prunes, its leaves are red, its flowers are pink and white and it have small inedible fruit that look like plums. We hope it will grow in Peace and Harmony!

FRANCE a Prunes tree
LATVIA A a maple, a lime a horse-chestnut and one more tree
GREECE an almond tree
AUSTRIA We planted maple, hazeltree .
PORTUGAL olive tree, strawberry tree!

5. RECYCLE BOOKS .. your partners would be happy if you could send them some of your books you don’t need anymore;
-The first RE-used Book arrived yesterday from Kristina's school and it was so nice!! Greek pupils observed the foreign letters and took a careful look at all pages.. we 'read' the drawings and we managed to get the story!.. we think so:-) Now we are going to make 4 places in our classroom to present your coming re-used books the next days, to enjoy and show them also to our parents.. Kids still keep bringing books from home.. so I think next week we will be ready to send Greek re-used books to all of you.. Here you may see the Latvian Book, Dimitris created alone an Animoto for you...enjoy it...I am very glad he managed to do it with a little help from me..
Re-used Books really inspired all 5 schools pupils to make other activities as a ‘follow up’ sending letters to others… drawing familiar characters of stories… asking for more foreign reading!.. comparing similarities and differences and make up their own conclusions ..

6. CHOOSE AN INDOOR PLANT.. take a good care of it and show the others all its growing up phases;
-We sow seeds and look how quick they can grow. I took photos from two groups. We started our job in the end of March and on April 24th. Some of our seeds were weak and they didn't grow. We thought they might be old. We ate some of our plants. We gave them as a present to mums on Mother's Day. Seeds who didn't grow: Hyacinth, horse-beans, nasturtium seeds who are growing: Lettuce, lemon, French marigolds, beans, spring onions, garlic, pumpkin, radish, red beet.
-This week we planted the first small plants in our Biologic Kitchen-garden. We have to take good care of it. We will show you how these small plants will grow and in the end we will make a fantastic soup to all of us.
-We talked about the pumpkins - how they grow, how they look like, for what you can use them,...The children took the pumpkins from the field into our kindergarten, they tried to pull out the nuts, let them dry and then we baked a wonderful pumpkin nut cake and also a pumpkin soup. The latest event was the visit of the oil mill. There we heard about the history of pumpkins and of course how to make oil out of pumpkin nuts. "Styrian Pumpkin Oil" is very famous - it´s good for our health and it tastes great on green salad or in crumbled eggs!
-We put cress seeds on a special foil for growing plants and gave water on them. After each day we made photos for showing you how they grow. The same we did with old tights and made funny worms out of them. With cress you can also make wonderful tasting breads with butter - a healthy meal. Maybe you will have a try? In autumn, we have the seeds harvested. IN the spring, we have sow the seeds .Each plant put in a pot . This is a gift for Mother's Day . A farmer rose
-We attach to a garden. We are planting vegetables and tomatoes and herbs. We can crops always fresh vegetables .
-We observed our bulbs.. every day for a looong time..( ~ 2.5 months) But 'voila'.. our photo-team: 3 old girls.. Antonia, Vasia and Gianna took all those pictures to share with you! please enjoy them..

FRANCE square garden

7. REDUCE THE USE OF PAPER AT SCHOOL.. let us know how? Make your own paper mache, creating a craft by this and send it to your partners by the real post;
-Children from Winnie the Pooh group made a Eyesore from paper and paper scrolls. At first we made a donkey's body - using a pattern, then we folded paper and glued it, from paper scrolls made legs for Eyesore. After some time Winnie the Pooh received a herd of donkeys.
-Pupils made 'music instruments' by waste-scroll paper. .they agreed to collect them only from school usage, a month ago, and now here we are ..with feathers decoration outside and lentil inside!

-We have made this little "colored man" with recycled materials: the paper come from a roll (failure recovered at printer enterprise); a joiner give us the wood cylinders. We have glued a ball of paper on the cylinder to make the head and then we have recovered the hall with little pieces of paper. We have drawn the square pattern and painted some spaces. The legs and arms are made with electric wire. This "colored man" illustrated our work about differences and an African poem..

-We recycled old newspapers and made new paper with it. It’s something we make every year and we like it very much. This year we made small notebooks with the cover made by us and the sheets inside are of commercial recycled paper. We made natural inks: Green – smashed spinach Orange: curry Brown: coffee Purple: beetroot Dark yellow: saffron Yellow: egg .. We wrote and made drawings with feathers from a nice rooster


8. SING A SONG about environment and using it to make a VOKI;
-Greek pupils sing this song ..it's all about the GREEN colour.. -- all the green vegetables get ready to join the Pea-dance!... kids love it and had much fun when they recorded it..
-Pour faire une maison il faut du bois …. For making a house it needs wood… Et pour trouver ce bois il faut un arbre… And for finding this wood it needs a tree Pour faire cet arbre il a fallu qu'on sème…For making this tree we have to sow.. Sème une graine vivante et belle… Sow a living and beautiful seed… Pour faire la graine il a fallu que pousse .. For making the seed il needs the growing of La fleur si douce, la fleur si douce.. The so smooth flower, the so smooth flower .. Il a fallu une fleur pour faire le monde.. It needs a flower for making the world
-Waste, waste, waste ..yes, we are cleaning up….waste, waste, waste, we are ahead of the times…. waste, waste, waste, there is a lot to do for us!....waste, waste, waste, we know what to do…..plastic, tins, glass and toxin, often not to avoid…..we know, we name, we sort our waste!
-This video ‘Friends’ is a part of our contribution to another e-twinning project, but it’s the outcome of this partner’s collaboration! Here Greek pupils sing a song and they use a web tool that allows to add as many subtitles-translations of this song as we want! So....Thanks to Maria Jose and Annette you may choose the subtitles in Portuguese and in French.. as well in German made by Manuela


8a. PLAY A GAME.. make/ find eco games and share it with others..
**How many live where?**
**More Penguins**
**Colouring Christmas**
**Fold Fishes**
**With a CUBE**

9. MAKE AN ECO-BROCHURE.. or what else creatively you may think for your school for your town.. disseminate what you achieved this year;
-We used tissue bags and decorated them with different techniques and materials. We also used water plastic bottles to put our bags. We made an Eco-brochure explaining what the EcoBag is and we offered one to each parent. Everyone understood the need to reduce the use of plastic bags and each kid want to be an EcoKid
-We have taken part of "Reader’s Seeds" Exhibition. There was a story called "Lili Notte or an explanation about differences for kids". The author, Babette LE GAC, has taken recycled materials and stage different scenes in 18 painted and decorated vine boxes! One box is like one page in a book.
-We made our own Puzzles .. and disseminated at the same time our project
-We made T-shirts with our Blog’s Logo as well Planet Earth with our project Logo
-We made a video to disseminate our project

FRANCE a performance & eco-T-shirts
GREECE a performance

-Every year Porto de Mos participates in an ecological campaign for schools, collecting old batteries for recycle. This campaign is supported by a big national supermarket. This year all local community was involved and our kindergarten was the best in our region collecting batteries. The award was 1000 € in books for our library. With these books we will make an itinerant library for all kindergartens of our community. We've just received the book
-We collected many plastic stoppers from water bottles, yoghurts and different plastic containers. We took all the plastic to the local media (radio and newspaper). There they keep all the plastic stoppers, until they have 1000 kilos of it. There is a factory that recycles the plastic stoppers and offers a wheel chair. The local media offered already 5 wheel chairs to different social institutions. We are glad to say that we helped not only those institutions but also the environment.

-We RE-used old, used, burnt CDs into some little Art pieces

-This year we participated, once more, in the Carnival Parade with all schools from our Municipality. Thinking about the environment, we tried to make all costumes recycling materials as plastic bags and coffee bags. We all made a Medieval Royal Court with the King and Queen, the Bishop, many Princesses, many Jesters and many Soldiers. We all had a great time...

We were looking for Painters on the Internet connecting their work with enviroment.. we observed .. chose .. learnt .. made our own and here we present them..

-Seasons in ART

-We talked with our kids about environment and different painters, their style and looked in Google what to find about their lives. Our children decided to paint the Earth and one painting with fresh and contaminated air. The painting is made with Acryl and different painting tools, like spatula. Kids made it together so it is a common painting.

If WE paint the Earth then it is a painting” (Simon, 5)

To well protect Earth, we first LOVE her